From 03 july 2016 to 03 july 2018

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From 27 july to 27 september 2016
Current Exhibition - Wall of Tolerance

Wall of Tolerance

This exhibition addresses issues of tolerance. Yogyakarta has been known end renown for its diversity, and in 2008 it was named ‘The City of Tolerance’. On top of this the Sultan of Yogyakarta also received an award from Indonesia Interfaith Network for his pluralist stance concerning disputes between Ahmadiyah and Sunni groups. In the recent months, however, political play and the emergence of local fundamentalist groups have shattered this image of tolerance.

A pluralist society is where various indigenous groups, tribes, cultures, political groups, nationalities, different genders, subcultures and economic groups live side by side. A pluralistic society upholding the values of tolerance, has suspended various political and religious dominations. More than anything, in a pluralistic society, we need tolerance. This nation, as founded by our forefathers, must have the dynamics and culture that ensure tolerance, recognizing that it was great tolerance that united this diverse nation. This history of Indonesia can teach the world lessons of peace. It would be a pity if now these values are erased from our memory, which eventually will result in social conflict. Cultural progress in Yogyakarta is built on the right of different groups to attend and organize activities. Residents of Yogyakarta, as a civil society, need to move to close loopholes on issues of intolerance. As an individual, a family or community we believe that people experience the same emotions, although their thoughts and ideologies differ. Thus, spreading the message of tolerance becomes a fundamental cause, like shaking hands with others. We have started spreading this message from wall to wall, tit for tat.

In short, we have agreed to call this street art project “Wall of Tolerance”.

This art project uses street art as a medium to send a spirit of peace and understanding of pluralism in Yogyakarta. We started this project last April by making art in public places. The second stage included performances at art exhibition openings. This exhibition is the third stage. The exhibition is evolving, as we will keep adding work both on the street and in ViaVia.

Yogyakarta, Month of Ramadan, 24 june 2016

Anagard – Ismu Ismoyo


Main Dishes from Indonesia and the world

Great for vegetarians and omnivores

Delicious sweets and artisan breads

A varied menu with dishes from all over the world. Indonesian daily changing menu, pastas, salads, sandwich bar, steaks, tapas and world kitchen.

Daily specials: Always remember to check the blackboard for daily offers! We surprise you with Japanese style tuna fish, vegetarian Vietnamese noodles, lamb rack, Flemish beef stew, an Indian thali and other delicacies. Our rijsttafel (various Indonesian dishes served with rice) is for the traveler who finds it difficult to make choices.

We have an extensive breakfast menu. How about brown bread with cheese, a bowl of muesli with yogurt and fresh tropical fruits, jaffles and pancakes, antarctic eggs with hollandaise sauce or artisan breads with mixed berry compote? Also try our freshly made juices! On warm days, try our refreshing milkshakes or an ice cream.

Check out the desert of the day, which tastes delicious with a cup of freshly grained illy coffee, organic coffee from sulawesi or aromatic Javanese tea!

We always use organic rice and organic vegetables where possible. We never use Mono Sodium Glutamate! All our vegetables and fruits are washed in boiled water. Ice cubes are made from boiled water.

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ViaVia Guesthouse is founded and funded as a cooperative with local women and centrally located in Jalan Prawirotaman, one of the main tourist areas of Jogja. We have 7 charming rooms, adorned with photography from different parts of Indonesia and a lovely garden for breakfast, afternoon rest and quiet evening chats. The interior design makes use of recycled materials, we use solar power for warm water and we seperate garbage. We also offer 2 dormitories and a small swimming pool.

Facilities: Breakfast & tax included, free Internet, AC or fan, private bathrooms, swimming pool, tourist information, alternative tours and travel services, bicycle and vehicle rental.

Prices between 9 and 25 euro.

We also offer 2 houses for rent. Rumah Nangka is a simple traditional Javanese style house for 4 persons and Rumah Mangga is a modern 2 bedroom airconditioned house with all facilities.

Find more info and availability calendar on our guesthouse page

We hope you enjoy your stay with us!

Travel tips

ViaVia travel offers tours, courses, outdoor activities and packages all in the spirit of sustainable tourism, guided by local young people.

You want to bike, canoe or discover the city by foot, you want to learn the basics of the Indonesian language or you prefer to learn to cook an indonesian meal. It is all possible.

We also have special programs for families traveling with children.

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Fair Trade shop

ViaVia Fair Trade Shop aspires to show the creative spirit of Java, while at the same time supporting local economies and the environment.

We define Fair Trade as a trading partnership based on dialogue, transparency and mutual respect, with high social and environmental standards. Our Fair Trade concept is closely linked with art and creativity, as we believe in art as a vehicle of change and development.
We work in partnerships with groups and individuals across Java who are using local, recycled and organic materials to make art work, handicrafts, health products, food spices and drinks.
Our core values: Fairness – Respect – Creativity

How to get there

From the airport: It is easy to take a taxi from the official taxi stand. Half an hour drive to ViaVia.

From the train station: About 20 minutes by bicycle rickshaw (becak), 15 min by taxi.

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