ViaVia Brussels is a meeting place for local people and city visitors with a common interest in travelling and city culture. In collaboration with our housemates Micro Marché and Citizenne we aim to be a centre of city culture with expositions, concerts, debates and workshops.

ViaVia BXL serves the perfect lager and all the necessary classics, but also tries to surprise you with specialities among which the Brussels Zinnebir, organic beers, organic fruit juices, fair-trade coffee, a wide range of tea… and of course our delicious cocktails and our homemade ginger ale.

In case of a little (or big) hunger, we offer quiche (vegetarian or not), soup of the day, a croque monsieur and a delightful cheesecake.


From 01 january 2015 to 31 december 2018 at 20h00
Open rehearsal: Roda de Choro

ViaVia ♥︎ Brazil

EVEREY TUESDAY, Pedro Moura unites a number of musicians and friends around the table in the ViaVia Café to play the chorinho. A Brazilian jam-session…

Free entrance.


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Individual reservations are not possible.

Reservations are possible for groups of 15 persons or more. Send an email for more information to info@viaviabxl.be. Please mention date and hour of the reservation, the expected number of persons and your phone number. 
It is not possible to privatize ViaVia Café, nor is it possible to play your own music. 

How to get there

Quai à la Houille 9 – 1000 Brussels


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